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De novo (di no vo) from Latin meaning a second time, over again, anew, afresh, or beginning again. In my practice, it is common to hear people say that one day they looked in the mirror, or  looked at photos and they no longer recognized themselves.   Although we can never be like we were in our 20s again, signs of aging can be improved and can "turn back the clock."  At Newport Faces DeNovo, it is all about you, your safety, your experience with us, and getting great results. Think of cosmetic surgery as a new and fresh beginning that will make you feel that you have regained your youth, and you will feel more confident.  When patients have the DeNovo Lift with Dr. Fink, patients feel that they look refreshed and younger on the outside, but feel they still look  like themselves.  After having your cosmetic procedure, your friends and family will not be able to put their finger on why you look so refreshed and so much younger.  After patients have gone through the healing process, they are always very happy with their natural and fabulous appearance. You will continue to age from that point on but with continued maintenance you can slow the progression. We want you to return whenever you feel inclined.
Mission Statement: Life is full of new beginnings which often lead to new opportunities. Newport Faces De Novo is founded on this principle. My journey to become a  facial surgeon began 25 years ago upon graduation from medical school.
I started my ENT and facial plastic surgery practice in Michigan after completion of 6 years of internship, residency and fellowship training. I devoted my practice to a broad range of surgery on the head and neck. Ten years later, I moved to Southern California to begin a new venture in facial cosmetic surgery. The past nine years, I have worked in Beverly Hills and Orange County surgery centers. I have performed thousands of facial rejuvenation procedures on many satisfied and grateful clients. Now I am starting my own practice in Newport Beach. This practice is devoted exclusively to the renewal of facial appearances. Aging is inevitable and many factors contribute to the effect on our appearance. Lifestyle and other unique health factors, often lead to premature changes. The good news is that regardless of your situation, there are a range of options both surgical and non-surgical to reverse the signs. Through the advancement of medical science, many options have become safer and more affordable. I am committed to working with you to identify realistic options for your concerns. I do not offer extreme risky procedures that often result in unnatural appearances. I offer treatments that balance recovery times with lasting results, to attain a natural but enhanced appearance. Safety is always my top priority. Your renewed appearance combined with your youthful vigor, will help you to face the world with more confidence. This is my goal. Although I am always evaluating and learning new techniques, I have spent years honing my skills. I am committed to performing only procedures that I believe to be safe and effective. I will personally work to give you the best experience possible while helping you to look your best. Are you ready for your new beginning?

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