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First impressions are established within milli- seconds and often begin with our appearance. Visual clues to our physical age along with style choices and personal hygiene all contribute to our perceived appropriateness. This happens even before we speak. Although clothing and accessories are a matter of personal choice, unfortunately our physical features continue to age without our consent. Sometimes certain visual cues reveal things about our past that are distracting to our current goals. In some instances, a weathered appearance can suggest vast amounts of experience. But in a culture that values vitality in the work force, it can also create an impression that we are tired and past our prime. With premature aging, our appearance may not be in harmony with our youthful ambition creating a false impression. The latin concept of DeNovo is the essence of a new beginning with renewed possibilities. A rejuvenation of your outer facial appearance can help to match your inner disposition and even enhance it. Furthermore, new opportunities often follow a renewed outlook.

The field of Facial Rejuvenation is continuing to evolve. Early treatments were available only to the elite. There are now safe and affordable treatment and maintenance options available to the vast majority. In fact, the desire to maintain a youthful appearance has become a cultural norm. Our face is the most important place where people identify with us. We all want to be regarded as healthy and capable. But our percieved age can be accelerated by hormonal influences, stress and dietary habits. Environmental elements can also prematurely weather our appearances. With proper education, maintenance can begin with prevention at an early age. Protecting against harmful elements in the enviroment and making proper dietary choices in combination with exercise can slow the visible effects on our appearance. A good maintenance program begins with good skin care. The skin is the barrier that protects us from environmental influences and is the packaging that we present outwardly. Good skin tone and texture are noticed even if subconsciously. Biologically engineered skin care products can provide hydration and protection to delay the effects of the sun. Treatments that build and restore collagen can restore strength and turgor to the skin. Lasers and peels can resurface and treat skin discolorations. Botox can lessen dynamic wrinkles from facial expresions to prevent permanent skin creases.

Beneath the skin, the fatty compartments and muscles gradually atrophy and begin to sag with gravity to make us look older. This is also happens in large part, because of changes in bone structure. As we age, our bones lose density as calcium resorbs. As defining points and projection are lost, the overlying soft tissues loosen and change shape and dimension without the structural support.

Before the explosion of the aesthetic market at the beginning of this century, options were mostly limited to traditional surgery. To attain greater results, procedures were pushed to extremes resulting in more frequent complications and unnatural appearances. With the advancement of biophysics we now have a variety of less invasive procedures with lower risk and recovery times. Blending these options with modified surgical options, rejuvenation of the face can now be accomplished in a safe, natural and graduated approach. There are procedures to fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles. At Newport Faces DeNovo, Dr Stephen Fink has a comprehensive approach. Dr. Fink integrates his 25 years of surgical experience with the emerging non- surgical aesthetic options. Dr. Fink provides customized treatment and maintenace options for a variety of aging concerns.

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