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Botox Cosmetic Newport Beach

Botox treatments can help eliminate wrinkles like frown lines or 11′s (vertical lines between your eyebrows), crow’s feet, forehead lines and bunny lines (wrinkles on the sides of the nose). Treatments with Botox can also prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

Botox injections are performed in the office setting. They are reliable and have virtually no downtime. This proven cosmetic solution will make you look refreshed, revitalized and younger.

Why Choose Dr Stephen Fink for Botox?

Dr. Fink has treated thousands of cosmetic patients in Southern California from surgical centers in Beverly Hills to La Jolla in San Diego. He is Board Certified Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. His surgical training and understanding of anatomy makes him an ideal doctor to administer Botox. The natural and youthful results of his patients support this statement. He also has extensive US accreditied training to perform cosmetic Botox Injections. Many physicians have delegated this important procedure to non-physician injectors in their office. Although these people may be qualified injectors of Botox, they lack the physician training and surgical experience.

How Does Botox work?

Botox is a toxin that blocks nerve impulses to muscles. When small quantities are injected in very specific areas, it weakens the activity of the muscles reducing frown lines, wrinkles and furrows. Botox is administered with short fine needles making the injections comfortable for a smoother look. No anesthesia is required and activities are only restricted through the end of the first day. Bruising is not common. Results are evident at 3 days to a week to attain a younger more relaxed appearance for up to 4 months.

What areas of the face can be treated with Botox?

Dr. Stephen Fink uses Botox in Southern California to treat FDA approved areas such as frown lines between the brow and crows feet about the eyes. Off label uses are common including the forehead wrinkles, bunny lines on the nose, fine lip lines, chin wrinkling and marionette lines and bands in the neck. Dr. Fink works with each person to understand your goals for treatment and to maximize the effect. Each persons muscle strengths varies and needs to be learned to maintain the correct dose on subsequent treatments.

Is treatment with Botox painful?

Botox administration is associated with minimal discomfort which is also quite brief. Prior to injection, Dr. Fink may elect to numb the area with an ice pack or topical anesthetic cream.

Why not go to a Med Spa or a physican who is not formally trained to perform cosmetic procedures of the face?

Doctors and other injectors who are not formally trained in procedures of the face have been found to suffer a higher rate of complications. One of the most common complaints is over treatment, resulting in drooping eyelids, sagging eyebrows or a frozen forehead. Dr. Stephen Fink is a Board Certfied Facial Plastic Surgeon and has extensive training of the head and neck. He has been practicing for more than 20 years exclusively working with the anatomy of the face.

What are the risks of Botox?

Risks or side effects of Botox are rare and are usually mild and temporary. The most common side effects caused by botox are headaches and temporary redness or bruising of the skin at the injection site. In rare cases, slight drooping of an eyelid or assymetry of facial expression may occur.

Are there other treatment options?

In addition to Botox, there are two other FDA approved botulinum toxins in the United States: Dysport and Xeomin. Although the effects are similar, Botox was the first and is most commonly requested. Dysport may have earlier onset of effect in some people. If you are requesting one of these other products, please let us know in advance so we can have it available.

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