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“Dr Fink and his office staff are amazing! I have had 2 procedures and plan on more. I get very personalized service and Dr Fink and Robyn are so friendly, welcoming and professional!!! Would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking Co2 laser resurfacing, botox or any other services offered through this office!!”
-Google+ Review
“A good friend recommended Dr. Fink’s office. I’ve seen Dr. Fink three times and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I’ve had Botox and filler; each time the outcome was better than expected. Not only is Dr. Fink and his staff (especially Robyn) professional, they’re personable, patient, and thorough. I’ve been to other facilities that try and pushed more work or various products on you, which can be very stressful. Dr. Fink and his staff don’t believe in coercion. They want to ensure you’re provided the best care with the best results. I highly recommend his services.”
-Yelp Review

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"I appreciate your expertise. Thank you for your wonderful work!"

—Patty D

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Charity Partners

Charity Partners was established to allow patients to share in meeting the needs the local community through the support of organized charity programs. Over time, various programs will be spotlighted with information about their mission goals as they are added to the program. A portion of the profits from your visit will be donated to the charity of your choosing.

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